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Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) and authors are encouraged to organize dissemination activities for Cochrane Reviews prepared and published by their groups. Centres or Fields may also publicize selected Cochrane Reviews. These may include identifying key target audiences (e.g. decision-makers) for a particular review and the preferred dissemination routes for the audiences (e.g. selected emails, Twitter, blog posts). Please note that Groups need to follow the spokesperson policy in their dissemination planning.

Information about dissemination support, the press release process and accompanying checklists is available on the Knowledge Translation resources website. The first step in this process is for CRGs to complete the Cochrane KT Dissemination Brief template.

For questions about disseminating a Cochrane Review, contact Katie Abbotts (kabbots@cochrane.orgExternal Communications and Media Officer, Cochrane Knowledge Translation Department).

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