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Cochrane peer review checklists can be used and modified as needed. It is not a requirement for Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) to use these checklists, but some sections and statements are mandatory and must be sent to all peer reviewers (see below). These checklists provide a structured series of questions to guide peer reviewers through the process and provide structured peer review feedback. Guided peer review can be especially helpful to less experienced peer reviewers or for people undertaking named peer review.

The following checklists are available:

Mandatory sections and statements that must be sent to peer reviewers

If a CRG does not use the standard Cochrane peer review checklists, the following sections/statements must be included in the materials sent to the peer reviewer, and the responses reviewed and recorded appropriately in Archie.


  • I am willing to be acknowledged in the published Cochrane Protocol / Review: Yes or No
  • I am willing to be acknowledged on the Cochrane [Review Group/DTA] website: Yes or NO
  • If 'Yes' to either question, please state your name and affiliation as you wish it to appear: [insert name and affiliation]

Potential conflicts of interest

You should declare and describe any present or past affiliations or other involvement in any organization or entity with an interest in the outcome of the review that might lead to a real or perceived conflict of interest. You should report relationships that were present during the last 36 months, including, but not restricted to, financial remuneration for lectures, consultancy, travel, and whether you are an author of, or contributor to, a study that might be included in this review. You should declare potential conflicts even if you are confident that your judgement is not influenced.

  • Do you have any potential conflict of interest?: Yes (details below)/ No
  • Conflict of interest statement:

Notes for prospective peer reviewer

Also include the following information:

  • A statement that all information shared with the peer reviewer is confidential.
  • A statement that peer reviewer comments may be edited for clarity and consistency with Cochrane standards.
  • A statement that acceptance of the invitation to peer review for Cochrane is also taken as consent for peer reviewer details to be stored within the Cochrane peer reviewer database.

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