1 July 2024: The Editorial Publishing & Policy Resource is scheduled to be archived. This page may not contain the most updated version of the information and is being retained for reference until 1 August 2024.

Please refer to the Cochrane Library editorial policy on open access and article sharing.

Publication via the ‘standard’ model, with free access to the full article 12 months after publication (Cochrane Reviews) or upon publication (protocols for Cochrane Reviews).

From 21 September 2016: Cochrane Reviews* (including updates) published in the CDSR will be made free to access in the CDSR 12 months after publication. Cochrane Reviews (including updates) will also be deposited automatically in PubMedCentral, where they will become available 12 months after publication.

Protocols* for Cochrane Reviews published from 27 February 2016 are free to access immediately upon publication via the CDSR

From 1 February 2013 to 21 September 2016: Cochrane Protocols and Reviews* (including updates) published in the CDSR, with the exception of gold open access articles (see above), will be free to access in the CDSR 12 months after publication. This will happen automatically and there is no charge for this.

*Note: This applies only to those versions published with a new citation on or after the given date.

Licence for publication form

Authors continue to retain copyright and other rights, such as article sharing (including depositing in repositories), as stated in the licence for publication form, in return for granting The Cochrane Collaboration an exclusive licence for publication.

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