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Version history

There are several date fields associated with a Cochrane Review (including protocols and updates), and some are for internal use (available in Review Manager only) and some are included in the published article; see Table.

Table. Overview of date fields in Cochrane Reviews: description, source of date, and where the dates are displayed
Type of dateDescriptionAdded byDisplayed?
(in RevMan)
Cochrane Library search results pagePublished Cochrane ReviewPubMed
Published onlineDate on which a new citation version of a review is published in the CDSR (specifically new and updated reviews)PublisherNoYesYesYes
Date of searchSee Reporting search dates in Cochrane ReviewsEditorial team/authorsYesNoNoNo
Protocol first publishedCochraneYesNoNoNo
Review first publishedCochraneYesNoNoNo
Last citation issueCochraneYesNoNoNo

CDSR: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; CR: Cochrane Review; RevMan: Review Manager.
* Published until 2016.

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