Cochrane TaskExchange can be used to find new peer reviewers and consumer peer reviewers, or to advertise new peer review tasks. There is no expectation that it must be used to advertise all peer review tasks, or that Managing Editors cannot choose from an existing group of peer reviewers.

Consumer peer reviewers

Cochrane TaskExchange is the best place to look as the consumer mailing list is now discontinued, and the Consumer Network is asking its members to sign up to TaskExchange to identify consumer peer review opportunities. This does not replace any existing systems; for example, if a Managing Editor has an existing group of consumers for peer review.

Clinical specialists and methodologists

Managing Editors can use Cochrane TaskExchange to search for new clinical specialists and methodologists.

New peer reviewers

If people contact your Group asking about relevant peer review opportunities, editorial teams can also point them towards Cochrane TaskExchange to complete their profile. This is the route for potential peer reviewers that is being sign-posted on the Cochrane website:


For questions about Cochrane TaskExchange, contact or

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