A list of journals that have signed a Cochrane co-publication agreement is available below. 

If an author team wishes to co-publish their review in a journal that is not listed below, the team should refer to Arranging co-publication of a Cochrane Review.

Journal editors or Cochrane Groups interested in arranging a Cochrane co-publication agreement must contact Gavin Stewart, Senior Journals Publishing Manager, Wiley, gstewart@wiley.com. A template for a co-publication agreement is available for information only; see Co-publication templates for CRG Managing Editors (all agreements are administered solely by Wiley). 

List of journals with Cochrane co-publication agreements

The journals listed below have all signed Cochrane co-publication agreements and are either specialty titles or regional titles. The list also records what the journal can co-publish. This list is maintained by Wiley; for queries, please contact Gavin Stewart, Senior Journals Publishing Manager, Wiley, gstewart@wiley.com

The different forms co-publications may take, included in the list below are: 

  • Short version of the review (the abstract and/or PLS and/or an abridged version of the review content) on its own.
  • As above alongside an accompanying original commentary/article (previously referred to as a ‘Cochrane Corner’).
  • Short version of the review alone translated into a specific language with option of including it in English (language of original publication) also.


Short version of review

Original commentary/article



Advances in Psychiatric TreatmentShort version

Alessandro LiberatiShort version
American Journal of HypertensionShort version

American Journal of Kidney DiseasesShort versionOriginal commentary/article

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AJPMR)Short versionOriginal commentary/article

AnaesthesiaShort version

Anesthesia & AnalgesiaShort version

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Original commentary/article

Australasian Journal on Ageing
Original commentary/article

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
Original commentary/article

BJPsych AdvancesShort versionOriginal commentary/article

BJU International (BJUI; formerly British Journal of Urology)Short version

Bresilian Journal of Emergency Medicine (BJEM) 

Short version

British Journal of DermatologyShort version

British Medical Journal (BMJ) and BMJ specialist journals (by journal invitation only)

Short versionOriginal commentary/article

Canadian Journal of Dental HygieneShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Canadian Urological Association JournalShort version

Cardiologia CroaticaShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Centro Studi of Italian Stroke Association Short version
Chinese Journal of Evidence-based MedicineShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Clinical Analysis in General Medicine
КЛИНИЧЕСКИЙ РАЗБОР в общей медицине

Short version
Clinical and Experimental DermatologyShort version

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related ResearchShort version

Clinical OtolaryngologyShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Clinical Trials in DentistryShort version

Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology
Original commentary/article

Colorectal DiseaseShort version

ContraceptionShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Dental CadmosShort version
Der HausarztShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Der UrologeShort version
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
Original commentary/article

Developmental NeurorehabilitationShort versionOriginal commentary/article

DGNeurologieShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Diabetic MedicineShort version

Die HebammeShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
EBP-Datenbank and Ergotherapie und Rehabilitation (German Association of Occupational Therapists DVE)

EmergenciasShort version
Ergotherapie und Rehabilitation, and the EBP-Datenbank of the German Association of Occupational Therapists (DVE)Short version
Ernährungs UmschauShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
European Heart Journal - Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes (EHJ-QCCO)Short versionOriginal commentary/article

European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineShort version

Evidence-Based Medicine blog (kanitlar) of Dr. Derya ŞentürkShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Evidência Saúde (formerly Evidências em Saúde)

EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing
Original commentary/article

Genetics in MedicineShort version

Infermiere OggiShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
International Journal of AudiologyShort versionOriginal commentary/article

International Journal of First Aid Education
Original commentary/article

International Journal of Nursing StudiesShort version

International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
Original commentary/article

Investigative and Clinical Urology (IC Urology)Short version

Italian Stroke Association (ISA)  

JAMA Clinical Evidence SynopsisShort version

Japanese Association for Promotion of Medical Music TherapyShort version
JMIR Dermatology (JDerm)
Original commentary/article

Journal of the American Academy of DermatologyShort version

Journal of Dietary Supplements
Original commentary/article

Journal of Evidence-Based MedicineShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine (JICM) 
Original commentary/article

Journal of Modern OncologyShort version
Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions (JMNI)Short versionOriginal commentary/article

Journal of the National Cancer InstituteShort version

Journal of Paediatrics and Child HealthShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Journal Pedagogy of Professional Medical EducationShort version
Journal of Perioperative PracticeShort version

Journal of Rehabilitation MedicineShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Journal of RheumatologyShort version

Kazan Medical JournalShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
La Lettre
Original commentary/articleTranslation
MDS Moving Along
Original commentary/article

Musculoskeletal Science and PracticeShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Naturmed Depesche/Natur+PharmazieShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
NeuroRehabilitationShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)Short versionOriginal commentary/article

ProCareShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
pt Zeitschrift für PhysiotherapeutenShort version
REC: CardioClinics
Original commentary/article

Respiratory CareShort versionOriginal commentary/article

Revista Diagnóstico e TratamentoShort version
Revista Portuguesa de CardiologiaShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Rivista Italiana di StomatologiaShort versionOriginal commentary/article

RTI Press Research Briefs
Original commentary/article

Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education (RMANPO)Short version
Safety and Risk of PharmacotherapyShort version
São Paulo Medical JournalShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Saudi Medical JournalShort versionOriginal commentary/article

SBK Zeitschrift "Krankenpflege", and FIT Nursing CareShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Scientific Publications and Information Development Center Short version
Spinal CordShort versionOriginal commentary/article

SpineShort version

Sprache · Stimme · GehörShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
StrokeShort version

Techniques in ColoproctologyShort version

Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Original commentary/article

WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL)Short version

World Journal of Men's HealthShort version

WundmanagementShort versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie (ZGG)Short versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation

Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft (ZHWi)
Journal of Midwifery Science

Short versionOriginal commentary/articleTranslation
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