About People

Each person registered in Archie has a single person record. People involved in each group are listed by role in a group’s People category, under Resources. If you have roles in several groups, you will be listed under each of these groups’ People category.

Primary Group

People who are actively involved in a Cochrane Group have a Primary Group and a role within that group.

When users sign up for their own Cochrane accounts, have the Primary Group Cochrane Account Self-Sign-Up, but no group roles. The first group to allocate a relevant role, will become the person's Primary Group. See Managing User Accounts.

Users with access to Archie can edit all elements of their own person record. Only a user’s Primary Group can edit certain details such as name, email and contact address. Any group in which a user has a role can add or edit an affiliation.

See also Group roles, Creating a person record, Deleting a person, Editing a person record, Contact Address and Affiliations.

Inactive status

People in Archie can be marked as Inactive - either in a Group Role, or at the person record level. A person record becomes inactive by making all its roles inactive, see Inactive status. To request that a person is made inactive, please contact support@cochrane.org.