• Each individual contact in Archie should have a single person record
  • Please check for potential duplicates before creating a person 

Duplicate records and user accounts

Where a contact has two records, one with a user account and one without, the master record should be the one with a linked user account. If you need to resolve a duplicate account issue, please contact support@cochrane.org.  

User accounts do not transfer from duplicate to master records when a duplicate is resolved. If the user's account login details are on the duplicate account, they will not be able to log in once the duplicate is resolved. 

  • Always choose the record with the Cochrane Account as the master record when marking duplicates. This may well be the contact's Membership Project account. All other contact information, roles and affiliations can be transferred from the duplicate to the master record.
  • Please search for people in both Archie and Editorial Manager before merging duplicates. The same account must remain the primary account in both systems, to allow people to log in after the duplicate is resolved. See Merge duplicate accounts

To mark a record as a duplicate (Support Team)

  1. Identify the record you want to mark as a duplicate by using Quick Search or browsing the tree view of People in the Resources tab
  2. Where a contact has two records, one with a user account and one without, mark the record without a user account as the duplicate
  3. Right-click the name and choose Mark as duplicate of ...
  4. The Mark as Duplicate window will open
  5. Click on the  button. The Select Person window opens.
  6. Search for the proposed Master record either by:
    • typing in a name in the top box and clicking Find; or
    • browsing the list of a group's Persons by selecting the group in the bottom box and clicking Find.

When you have identified the proposed Master record, click the name and click Select. This is now the Master record.

  1. The Mark as Duplicate dialogue box will reappear
  2. If the information displayed is correct, click OK; if there is an error, click Cancel and begin again
  3. When you click OK, the system will confirm that the record has been marked as a duplicate, or report if there were any problems
  4. When a duplicate is marked, a message will automatically be sent to the Super Users in the Primary Group of the Master record informing them that the duplicate needs to be resolved. The group Super User can now use the Resolve Duplicates Wizard to merge the duplicate with the Master record, see Viewing and resolving duplicates.