Configure your notification preferences

  1. Log in to Archie
  2. Click on your name in the top right of the screen
  3. Go to the Settings tab of your person Properties
  4. Click Edit Notifications. This opens the Notifications window.
  5. If you have roles in several groups, use the pull-down list to choose the group for which you wish to receive notifications.
  6. Select the events you wish to be notified about.
  7. For each event, choose whether to receive the notification to your primary or secondary email addresses. 
  8. Click OK  

Notifications available

The notifications available to you are based on your roles and permissions. 

Message type



A new protocol is published

A new review is published
An updated review is published (includes amendments with changed conclusions)


A review cites a review where [person] is the Contact Person

 Significant change to a review cited by a review where [person name] is the Contact Person


A person is marked as duplicate of a member of the [group]
A person's primary group is set to the [group]

Changes are suggested to a member of the [group]

Group, CRGs only

A Contact Person of a published review in the [group] is modified

 Reviews (any stage/status) in the [group] are published

 Reviews in the [group] are created