The updating classification system is a decision-making framework to help editorial staff:

  • decide which Cochrane Reviews to update
  • report on the updating status of a Cochrane Review
  • sort their portfolio of reviews into those in development and those up-to-date. See also Reviews

Updating tab

The Updating tab appears on the Review Properties once a review has been published as a Full Review. Classification status can be viewed in the Review folder view, and details are available as reports or when exporting Review data from search results.

  • Updating status - the overall status of the review. Only users with Max review permissions can apply an updating status. You can choose from: 
    • Up to date
    • Update pending
    • No update planned
  • Rationale - a brief reason for the relevance and status. There are set reasons to choose from, dependent on the update status.
  • Explanation - provides more detail about the reasoning for the relevance and status. This section is free text, but sample texts are provided for editors to adapt.
  • Internal notes - allows you to record further data, only visible on the Updating tab.
  • History - records the history of the updating classifications. Each classification is linked to a particular review version.

Apply a classification

  1. Review Properties > Updating tab
  2. Set Update Status
  3. Set Rationale 
  4. Edit the default text in the Explanation text field if you wish. Note: the Explanation text field has a maximum character count of 400 characters (including spaces).
  5. Click Save and Publish.
  6. A new entry appears at the top of the list in the History table.

Note: If you edit an existing classification and then Save, the Updating Classification system will create a new draft in the History table.

Set a date to reassess for updating

  1. Review Properties > Updating tab
  2. Tick the tickbox next to 'Reassess for updating'
  3. Add a future date for reassessment
  4. Click Save and Publish
  5. The date will show in the 'Reassess' column in your Resources view, with the colour-coding below. See also Reviews 
    1. Dates in the past: Red
    2. Dates less than 90 days in the future: Amber
    3. Dates more than 90 days in the future: Green  

Add fields to an explanation

  1. Place the cursor in the explanation text field.
  2. Choose a field from the pull-down list below the explanation text field and click Insert.

Update internal notes

  1. Review Properties > Updating tab
  2. Place the cursor in the notes text field and type your text
  3. Click Save and Publish
  4. Click OK to continue A new entry appears at the top of the list in the History table.

View a classification's history

All classifications are recorded in the History table of the Updating tab. The History table consists of the following columns:

  • Review's classification publication status
  • Date Revised - date and time when the review status has been revised.
  • DOI - the DOI of the review's particular version.
  • Version No - Archie review version which the classified status is linked to.
  • Status - the Update status.
  • Rationale - a brief description for the updated status.
  • Revised By - the person who revised a classification version.

Deleting versions

Only draft classifications can be deleted.

To delete a draft from the History

  1.  In the History option choose any draft you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete and then OK to confirm deleting.