If you wish to experiment with Archie without affecting your real data, you can use the Training Server. The Training Server will usually have the same version number as the live Archie Server, so it will have the same functionality (see exception for email messages below). However, data on the Training Server will be somewhat out of date most of the time, as the data will only occasionally be updated by copying all the current data from Archie.

Important notes about messages

Sent as usual

  • User registration emails

It may be necessary to create a user on the Training Server, so this is possible. Whenever doing so, please ensure that any recipients are fully aware that the message is not from the live server and why it is being sent.

Sent, but not as email

  • Subscribed Notifications

To allow experimentation without confusing others, all Messages sent on the Training Server are delivered as internal Archie Messages, even if the notification subscription is set to email delivery.

Not sent

  • Task emails (Tickets, Information) - see Exception below.
  • List emails ( Newtitles, UpcomingReviews)
  • Form information emails (LfP, CoI)
  • Task notification emails
  • Review checked out reminder emails

None of these are sent to recipients, but are instead archived in a central mailbox only available to the ITS Team.
Exception: You may need to test sending a task email, which is possible by adding your own primary email address to the CC field.

Accessing the server

To log in to the Training Server directly, go to https://training-archie.cochrane.org and enter your Cochrane Account User Name and Password. This should be the same as your User Name and Password you use for the live system, unless you have already registered as a user on the Training systems using different log in information. If you try to log in to the Training systems and are unable to do so, please contact your relevant support person, who can check your user account information and arrange for you to set up an account or modify your existing account, as required.
To connect temporarily to the Training Server from within RevMan, choose Tools > Preferences, click the Connection tab, and select Training Server (https://training-archie.cochrane.org) in the Server field. If you use a different User Name and Password on the Training server, you will also need to edit these fields. Remember to edit your RevMan Connection setting back to the Archie Server (https://archie.cochrane.org) when you are finished working on the Training Server.

Test server

A Test Server (https://test-archie.cochrane.org) also exists, but you should only connect to the Test Server if you have been asked to do so, for example by the ITS, to test a specific new feature as part of a controlled testing.