1. Add or adjust a subheading

Additional subheadings can be added within sections. You can add nested headings at the same level or a level below the level of the current heading for most sections (heading level 2 and below). RevMan Web will display the available headings in the formatting toolbar, and you can select the heading level you would like to add there. 

2. Leave out headings that are not required

A heading will not be published if there is no text in the text box directly below the heading. However, all headings are expected to be activated in Cochrane Reviews. Sections should only be left blank in exceptional circumstances.

Text in certain sections is necessary and you will see an error on the validation report if the section is blank.

3. Methods heading: 'Summary of findings and assessment of the certainty of the evidence'

All reviews that are available in RevMan Web have the heading 'Summary of findings and assessment of the certainty of the evidence' as a fixed level 3 heading in the Methods section under Sensitivity analysis.

Leaving the text box below the heading empty, will give an error in the validation report

For a review that already has a text section with the same name, with heading level 3 under Sensitivity analysis, RevMan Web will recognise the heading and show its content correctly.
If you are using a different name/heading level/position for this heading in your review, you can easily copy and paste the content into the textbox under the fixed heading in RevMan Web. 

The heading will remain in the review if you check the review out to RevMan 5.

  • The heading will show in RevMan 5 as a user-defined (editable) heading - please do not edit the name of the heading in RevMan 5.
  • If you add notes to this heading in RevMan Web they will not show in RevMan 5.