Global text search

Full-text view in RevMan allows you to find content within the review using the browser search (Ctrl+F). The Full-text view includes all text sections, SoF tables, study characteristics, References, Risk of bias (1), Additional tables, Appendices, Acknowledgements, Contributions of authors, Declarations of interest, Differences between protocol and review, and Published notes. 

There is a find and replace plug-in in Chrome that you can install for more advanced settings such as Match case.

1. Switch to 'Full text' view

If you want to find a piece of text throughout the review rather than just in a section of it, you need to switch to 'Full text' view (click on the tab on top of the left-hand side menu).

2. Use the 'Find' function in your browser

To find all the places where a piece of text appears, you can use the 'Find' function in your browser (use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to open it).