Global Edit

You can make changes to the entire text of the review using the Global Edit function. 

The options are: 

  • Remove all highlighting in this review 
  • Resolve all track changes in this review
  • Find and mark all links in this review 
  • Delete all notes in this review

Global find and mark links

Please note that the global find and mark links is not able to identify and re-mark links for:

  • unlinked review section links (see 'Other section' in the Insert link pop-up)
  • unlinked Internet resources
  • link texts which are 'interrupted' by formatting or tracked changes (i.e. the start or end of the formatting or tracked change is inside the link text)

You can find the Global Edit button on the Dashboard Actions panel.

When you click on the Global Edits button, you can select which option for edits you would like to make across the review: 

After selecting which type of global edits you would like to make, a box will pop up asking you to confirm the edits you are making.

A version of the review will be automatically tagged before completing Global Edits, and you will see this in the review history.

Click "OK, continue" to make the global edits.  

When global edits are complete, messages will pop up informing of the numbers of changes that were made throughout the review.