Copy and paste data in analyses

You can copy and paste data from an external source in an analysis as long as the data is in tabular form (e.g. from Excel). Please ensure you tag a version on the Review Dashboard before editing any analyses.

  1. Go to Analyses section in your review
  2. Click on the analysis you wish to edit and click "Edit analysis"
  3. Select the data you want to copy from e.g. Excel or Notepad, right-click and select copy (or use CTRL+C)
  4. Place your cursor in the first column of the row you wish to paste the data to in RevMan
  5. Right-click and select paste or use CTRL+V
  6. The data will now be copied into the table

Please note that study information cannot be copied (this is limited to the data) and there is no undo button to recover the data you have copied over. For this reason, please ensure you have tagged the current version before starting to edit the analyses.

It is also possible to use the button Copy analysis to clipboard to copy the inputted data in an analysis in RevMan and paste it in an external file (such as in a text editor or Excel file). Note that the headings are not copied.


Data from Excel

Data from Notepad (data separated by a tab (not a space))

Place cursor in the first column with data you wish to copy over in RevMan, right-click and select paste.

Data will be copied over