Cochrane Trainers

To support the launch of Cochrane's new review production model while modernising systems, Cochrane reviews are being transferred from Archie into a dedicated portfolio management system in RevMan.

As of 14th December 2023, the practice review templates used by Cochrane Trainers are managed directly in RevMan, resulting in a change in the processes for managing templates.

Do you provide training on Cochrane Reviews?

RevMan practice reviews are free to use for workshops and training activities provided by the Cochrane community. 

  • RevMan practice reviews are free to use for workshops and training activities provided by the Cochrane community.

  • You and any workshop attendees can create practice reviews from our 3 built-in review templates.

  • You can also create your own template reviews to share with workshop attendees. How does this work?

    • Check if you are a member of the Cochrane Trainers Network. You can see this in your Cochrane Account. If you can't see this role in your Cochrane Account, and you provide training for a Cochrane group, please complete this short form.

    • If you are a member of the Cochrane Trainers Network, Cochrane Support can create practice review templates on request, for you to use in workshops and training.

    • You can have access to as many practice review templates as you like - e.g. for different review types.

    • Your can edit your practice review templates and add data.

    • Your practice review templates do not expire.

    • You can share a link with workshop participants to create their own personal practice review of your practice review template. 

    • Practice reviews created by workshop attendees will be saved and editable for 30 days. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Practice reviews for training

As of 14th December 2023, the 'Practice review templates' section that trainers could find in the 'My reviews' page is retired.

Like all RevMan users, participants of a training event can create a practice review from three available templates. Creating a practice review avoid the need to distribute special links to your learners.

→ See Create a practice review for detailed instructions on how to create a practice review from one of the 3 built-in templates.

Request a bespoke template

If you need a bespoke template to use in your workshop, please contact and specify: 

  • The desired starting point for template development - e.g. a copy of an existing template or review.
  • A title that works for both the template and the practice reviews that learners will create.
  • Contact details for all the trainers who should be able to edit the template. 

Trainers are made authors of the template they have requested. The review template appears listed under 'My reviews' with a mortar board (🎓) icon to indicate that it is being used as template. 

Edit the template

A template can be opened and edited by its authors, just like any other review. Templates can now have multiple authors, enabling better collaboration on template development. 

Share the practice review template

Once the review is ready to be used in the training, trainers can copy a practice review creation link from the Actions panel of the review template dashboard, and share it with the learners.

Open the shared practice review

As a trainer, you may want to use the practice review creation link to create a practice review and use it during the training session, rather than using the template itself. In this way, the template remains unchanged and you can use it for your next training event.

Opening the shared practice review will be the same for you as for any other trainee with whom you have shared the link – just open (paste) the link in an internet browser.

The review will then be created and will appear under ‘Practice reviews’.

Note that your trainees will need to have a Cochrane Account in order to use RevMan and create a practice review from the link you have sent them.

When trainees click on the link, they will be prompted to log in or to create a Cochrane Account, which is free for everyone.

Also, note that practice reviews have an expiry date, which is set to 30 days after they have been created. You may therefore decide to share the link only a couple of days before the training session.

Existing practice review templates

From 14th December 2023, practice review templates created before this date are automatically moved to the 'My reviews' section, marked with the mortar board (🎓) icon. 

The link previously shared with trainees to create practice reviews from these templates will no longer work. The new practice review creation link that can be copied from the review Action panel should be used instead.

Please update any training materials that rely on these templates.