The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) has moved to new site and has been reorganized and updated. It is available to view this new URL:

What’s new?

The scope of the EPPR was broad (with information about the Cochrane Library, Archie, etc), and this has been modified to focus on the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews only. This means that following the content audit (and decision to keep, delete, update, or move each page), we made several changes to the EPPR. Changes – current and going forward – are logged in the new version histories page.

The new structure brings in some changes:

The more substantive content changes are as follows:


Redirects have been put in place for all pages from the previous site so users will be moved to the current location if they have a link on a website or use a bookmark, for example.

Queries and support

For comments, queries, or suggestions for changes, contact Harriet MacLehose (, Senior Editor and Head of Editorial Policy and Publication Unit, Editorial & Methods Department.

For support in implementing the policies and practices, Managing Editors can contact the Managing Editor Support team (