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Review types being annotated

We are annotating the PICO inclusion criteria in the methods section ONLY of the following:

  • Intervention reviews 
  • Living Systematic Reviews (LSR) (intervention)
  • Network meta-analyses (intervention)
What publication years are covered?

Our main focus has been on reviews published from 2015 to date however there are some exceptions:

  • Top 500 accessed reviews in the Cochrane Library regardless of publication date
  • Any reviews published prior to 2015 that are deemed important by the CRG
  • Any reviews contained in Cochrane Special Collections
Review types NOT being annotated

At present the following are not being annotated however this may change in the future:

  • Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) reviews
  • Umbrella reviews 
  • Methodological reviews
  • Prognostic reviews

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