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The new Cochrane Library platform, launched on 7 August 2018, includes a new system for the submission and storage of comments. Cochrane Library users can (as previously) submit Comments on Cochrane Reviews and Protocols, and Cochrane Review Groups continue to receive notification of relevant new comments by email. The new system for publishing comments is not available to Cochrane Review Groups immediately at launch, and will be introduced soon after launch.

The new comments publication system, when introduced, involves three important changes:

  • Comments will be stored and managed in a new system that forms part of the Cochrane Library.

  • Comments will be published as independent items directly from the new system. There will be no need to republish the associated Review or Protocol in order to publish a Comment.

  • The Feedback section of Reviews and Protocols will no longer be used for new comments, although existing content will be retained in that section.

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