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October March 2020: This policy was developed in 2014 and applies to all Cochrane Reviews until the launch of the new Cochrane Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content, which is planned for 14 October July 2020. After the launch of the 2020 policy, the policy set out below will still apply to the following content: protocols being prepared based on new titles registered before the 14 October July launch date; protocols for Cochrane Reviews already in progress before the 14 October July 2020 launch date; and Cochrane Reviews (including updates) in progress before the 14 October July 2020 launch date.

May 2014: Changes to Cochrane’s Commercial Sponsorship policy were agreed by the Steering Group in April 2014 and these are reflected below.The policy has two parts: one for Cochrane Reviews (below) and one relating to Cochrane Groups.


3. Editors and editorial staff within Cochrane Review Groups


Cochrane Review Groups


Editors and the editorial team of each Cochrane Review Group must disclose any potential conflict of interest that they might have, both on Cochrane Community website and on the Cochrane Review Group website.


8. If a Cochrane Review Group has questions about conflict of interest

8.1. Funding Arbiter


The Funding Arbiter is accountable to the Cochrane’s Governing Board and convenes a standing panel of four to give guidance on difficult cases. See the Funding Arbiter page for information about the role of the Funding Arbiter and the Funding Arbitration Panel and to refer a conflict of interest issue.


A list of potential conflict of interest scenarios and actions is available here.