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Assigning ‘What’s New’ events to Cochrane Reviews



What's new


  • Further introductory sentence added to provide further information about how What's New events are used.
  • Text changed to indicate that when updating a review, 'What's New' events from previously published versions "must", rather than "should", be moved from the active 'What's New' table to the 'History' table.
  • Column heading changed from "'What's new' events to select" to "'What's New' events to select in RevMan".


  • Page title changed from “What's New events (publishing events) in Cochrane Reviews: new publication, new citation, or change in publication status” to “Policy for assigning ‘What’s New’ events”
  • Text changed to clarify policy requirements
  • Text about citations moved to new section ‘About citation versions’.



Added an example of when a new citation is not required: addition of a comment and/or a reply to the feedback section but with no other changes to the (apart from minor typographical errors).



Scenarios updated; the previous iteration of the policy is available as a PDF file.