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From 1 February 2013 onwards, authors have had the right to post the published version of their Cochrane Review or protocol for a Cochrane Review in a repository, 12 months after publication. A repository is an online archive of a research institution for the collection preservation and dissemination of digital copies of its authors’ intellectual output. See below for specific guidance for PubMed Central.

Scholarly Collaboration Networks (SCNs)

From 21 September 2016, authors also have the right to post the published version in a Scholarly Collaboration Network (SCN) that has signed up to the STM article-sharing principles, 12 months after publication. SCNs are “platforms that allow researchers to develop and maintain professional relationships. SCNs also enable researchers to share information and ideas, participate in discussions and embark on collaborations. Some networks do not facilitate possibilities for social interactions, but do enable collaboration through article sharing” (STM; accessed 20 June 2016; The current list of endorsing organizations can be viewed at: Note that, until further notice, authors are not permitted to post their Cochrane Review to ResearchGate or any other SCN that has not signed-up to the STM article-sharing principles.