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Inviting peer reviewers

Redirected link to Peer reviewer conduct from previous reference to a 'Resources for peer reviewers' page.


Exceptions to named peer review: special casesNew page added for the post-implementation phase.


Type of peer reviewAdded in text in italic: Note that Consumer peer reviewers are exempt from the named peer review process, and may remain anonymous if they wish to do so. (Consumers still follow the policy for Declarations of potential conflicts of interest for peer reviewers).


Peer review policyRemoved "Note: this policy is currently being implemented across all Cochrane groups. It will be implemented fully by all Cochrane groups by January 2019."


Type of peer reviewAdded statement regarding consumer reviewers remaining anonymous.
May 2018Peer review policyOrganizational peer review policy published: ADD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

Permission to reuse Cochrane Reviews



What's new


General update

Policy focuses on Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) and section heading reflects this.

General revisions for currency.

Removed following sections as information available on the Cochrane Library: Permission to re-use of material from the Cochrane Library website; Reprints of Cochrane Review.

Removed following section as information available on the Handbook Cochrane pages: Permission to re-use material from the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Interventions.

Plagiarism: policy



Across policyMinor revisions for currency and updates of contact details.
September 2014n/aNew policy; the following group of people contributed to the development of this policy: Ann Jones, Anna Hobson, Gavin Stewart, Harriet MacLehose, Karin Dearness, Laura Prescott, Liz Wager, Paul Garner, Peter Tugwell, Phil Wiffen, Ruth Brassington, Sera Tort. The starting point for this policy was text drafted by Liz Wager and Phil Wiffen on publication ethics, including plagiarism.