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Managing expectations: what does Cochrane expect of authors, and what can authors expect of Cochrane?



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GeneralMoved the linked flowchart about the editorial process for title registration to Editorial process (titles).

Managing proposals for new Cochrane Reviews






Introduction to Publish When Ready 

Document prepared for the move from monthly publication to 'when ready' publication for Cochrane Reviews and protocols for Cochrane Reviews. Covered following areas: About Publish When Ready (general information); Publish When Ready publication steps and schedules; Author and editing steps; Impact on other databases and published content; Changes for dissemination activities, including press releases; Publication reports; Upon publication in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) and The Cochrane Library; and Support and training. Previously hosted on Updated: minor update 26 November 2014, introduced initially in June 2013. Download PDF

General notes



The Cochrane Policy Manual was replaced by Editorial Policy and Publication Resource and the Cochrane Organisational Policy Manual (since retired). Many sections included in this resource originated from the Cochrane Policy Manual, which had been maintained and developed by the Central Executive Team. The Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) (now called the Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department) led the development of this resource with assistance from Noémie Aubert Bonn (CEU intern, February to September 2013). The CEU is grateful to those people who provided feedback on the resource as it developed and to those people who prepared text for each section (see named individuals on each section) or provided feedback on drafts.