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  • ensure that another Editor or member of the editorial staff takes on these roles. Practically this process should be administered by another member of the same CRG editorial team. If this is not possible, contact the Network Associate Editor.

If the Contact or Sign-off Editor(s) are selected from within the same CRG editorial team, it is essential they are independent; for example, it is not appropriate for someone to be a Contact or Sign-off Editor if an author of the review is their line manager. If in doubt, the Sign-off Editor for the review should be someone from another editorial team as agreed with the Network Associate Editor.

A statement that they were not involved in the editorial process should be included in the ‘Declarations of Interest' section of the Cochrane Review, and a summary of the process followed should be included in the Acknowledgements' section of the Cochrane Review using the following template: 


    • Sign-off Editor (final editorial decision): [NAME, AFFILIATION];
    • Managing Editor (selected peer reviewers, collated peer-reviewer comments, provided editorial guidance to authors, edited the article): [NAME, AFFILIATION];
    • Editorial Assistant (conducted editorial policy checks and supported editorial team): [NAME, AFFILIATION];
    • Copy Editor (copy - editing and production): [NAME, AFFILIATION];
    • Peer-reviewers (provided comments and recommended an editorial decision): [NAME, AFFILIATION] (clinical/content review)*, [NAME, AFFILIATION] (consumer review), [NAME, AFFILIATION] (methods review), [NAME, AFFILIATION] (search review). [NUMBER] of additional peer reviewers provided [CLINICAL/CONTENT/CONSUMER/METHODS/SEARCH] peer review, but chose not to be publicly acknowledged.

*[PEER REVIEWER] is a member of Cochrane [NAME], and provided peer-review comments on this article, but [NAMEPEER REVIEWER] was not otherwise involved in the editorial process or decision making for this article.