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Proposals for new Cochrane Reviews: editorial management



What's new


Editorial process: titlesAdded wording that Methodology Reviews should be handled by the Methodology Review Group only


Review proposal formsMinor corrections to all forms


Review proposal forms

Updated forms for Cochrane Reviews of interventions, diagnostic test accuracy, methology, and prognosis studies, and for Cochrane overviews.

Review proposal formsAdded form for methodology Cochrane Reviews.


Review proposal formsUpdated forms for Cochrane Reviews of interventions and diagnostic test accuracy studies. Added new form for Cochrane Reviews of prognosis studies.


Review proposal forms
  • Renamed "Managing title registration (for Cochrane Review Groups)" to "Review proposal forms". Removed historical note that these forms, developed by the Cochrane Editorial Resources Committee (since disbanded), were previously called Title Registration Forms and were renamed "review proposal forms" in 2013.
  • Updated to latest version of forms (August 2019), including revisions for data protection compliance.


Editorial process: titlesCollated relevant information; added the flowchart (previously linked to Managing expectations: what does Cochrane expect of authors, and what can authors expect of Cochrane?).


  • Title change from "Registering titles for new Cochrane Reviews" to two sections "Cochrane Review proposals" (for prospective authors) and "Managing proposals for new Cochrane Reviews".
  • Removed text about registering diagnostic test accuracy reviews (out of date).


Peer review: editorial management



What's new


Peer review checklists

Updated checklists to include up to date links to Handbook:
 Inviting peer reviewers

Updated information on what the invitation email to authors should include: 

"The invitation email should contain the following:

The title and abstract and plain language summary of the Cochrane Review (or title only if a protocol);" 



Cleared up an inconsistency between the policy and guidance around Acknowledgement of peer reviewers: The policy states a named peer-review process, but does not state that peer review names need to be made publicly available. The guidance implied that peer reviewer names should be made publicly available unless anonymity was agreed by the EinC. The wording in the guidance has been changed in the following sections to address this inconsistency: 
Display on CRG website 
Acknowledgement in the Cochrane Review 

 Declarations of potential conflicts of interest for peer reviewers: implementation informationCorrected link to conflict of interest policy
 AcknowledgementCorrected Archie search term from "Peer reviewer" to "External referee".
 Exceptions to named peer review: editorial managementAdded "Reason(s) for opting to remain anonymous" to the list of information that needs to be provided to the Editorial & Methods Department.
 Cochrane TaskExchange: new peer reviewersNew section added.
 Peer review checklists

Updated guidance for consumer peer reviewers to v3. General updates/revisions to branding/format, contact details, and terminology.

Updated peer review checklists to v3. Added data protection statement, updated acknowledgement, links and formatting.