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3. Editors and editorial staff within Cochrane Review Groups

Editors and the editorial team of each Cochrane Review Group must disclose any potential conflict of interest that they might have, both on their module published in the ‘About The Cochrane Collaboration’ database in the Cochrane Library and Cochrane Community website and on the Cochrane Review Group website.

Editors with conflicts of interest with a given product/drug/non-drug intervention should not undertake peer review or be a contact editor, or provide sign-off on a Cochrane Review that involves that product, drug, non-drug intervention, or a competing intervention. Co-ordinating Editors with conflicts of interest should assign the relevant Cochrane Review to another editor within their group.


  • Funders of Cochrane Reviews cannot interfere with the design or conduct of reviews.
  • Funders cannot delay or prevent the publication of a Cochrane Protocol, Review, or its update.
  • Funding for the Cochrane Review should be declared in the 'Sources of support' section of the review, which should include reference to the role of any sponsors.

6. Derivative products

The development of derivative products from Cochrane Reviews is the responsibility of Cochrane Trading Company, supported by the Editor in Chief and the Steering Group.

In developing In relation to derivative products, these bodies Cochrane will adhere to the conflict of interest policies stated in this policy for Cochrane Reviews and in the policy for for Cochrane Groups (available with with Cochrane organizational policies).

7.  Royalties from reprints of Cochrane Reviews


The Funding Arbiter is accountable to the Cochrane Steering Group the Cochrane’s Governing Board and convenes a standing panel of four to give guidance on difficult cases. See the Funding Arbiter page for information about the role of the Funding Arbiter and the Funding Arbitration Panel and to refer a conflict of interest issue.