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The Contact Person for each Cochrane Review will receive an automated notification from Archie with details on how to set up their complimentary subscription once all the licence for publication forms for the review have been signed. Complimentary access will start once the Cochrane Review has been published. Further information is available in Archie Help.

Cochrane Groups

Each Cochrane Group is entitled to at least one complimentary subscription.


People need to have their complimentary subscription activated before the next steps; see Archie help file for instructions on how Help for instructions on how to activate a complimentary subscription. Contact authors of Cochrane Reviews can access their complimentary subscription as soon as all co-authors have signed the licence for publication form for the Cochrane Review.


Contact Persons for Cochrane Reviews or other people or entities with a complimentary subscription are able to donate their complimentary subscription to someone else with an entry in Archie.

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  • Renamed from “Complimentary access to the Cochrane Library” to “Complimentary Cochrane Library access for Cochrane authors and Groups”
  • Removed section about Journalists (as information available on Cochrane Library)
  • Removed section about "People with complimentary subscriptions activated before August 2013" as no longer applicable