Set reviewer preferences

You can set criteria in Editorial Manager to customise your reviewer searches. Your reviewer preferences can be changed at any time and will apply to all new submitted drafts you receive. 

  • Invite Reviewers to open the Reviewer Selection Summary screen.
  • Select My Suggest Reviewer Preferences from the left-hand menu.

  • Choose any criteria you wish to use to exclude people from your reviewer search results. For instance, you can exclude reviewers from the same city or institution as the authors, or reviewers with a large number of current tasks.
  • Choose how you wish to order the reviewer search results. For instance, you can choose to show people who have recently completed peer review tasks at the top of the list.
  • Submit to save your preferences.

Reviewers meeting your criteria will automatically show when you use the Suggest Reviewers function when inviting comments from editors or peer reviewers.