Ad hoc emails

Most correspondence with authors, editors and reviewers in EM should be via task email. Templates for these are stored in EM. See Template letters.

Ensure emails are stored in EM

If you need to send a message which is not directly related to a task, use the Send Email function on the Action menu. 

If authors need to get in touch with you, encourage them to use the same function. See Instructions for authors on contacting a Cochrane Review Group

This will ensure that emails to and from authors are saved on the History > Correspondence History of the review. 

  • To send an ad hoc message to authors, editors, or reviewers, use the Send Email function on the Action menu. 
  • Choose from the available Ad hoc Emails.
  • Customize Letter to add your message. 
  • Please note that Editorial Manager is configured to send Ad Hoc emails separately to each primary recipient - i.e. if three separate recipients are listed in the To: field, three copies of the email will be sent. To avoid this, select one primary recipient (e.g. Corresponding Author) only. Add all other recipients in CC.
  • Preview and Send Send Email