Withdrawing published content

Cochrane protocols and reviews should only be withdrawn in case of serious error. This is rare and should be managed by Cochrane Support.

The instructions below are for Cochrane Support only.

  • Editor solicits commentary on the published protocol or review
  • Select Article Type > No New Citation - Editors only
  • Invite Authors from the Action menu but search for an Editor (ME or other editor) rather than review Contact Person
  • Invite the selected Editor to submit (not the authors)
  • Take steps to mark review as withdrawn in RevMan and Archie - see Withdrawing a review.
  • Tag a version from RevMan with a relevant description (e.g. For withdrawal)
  • Submit corrected version from RevMan to EM using link in assignment email or by going to My Accepted Invitations on Author profile
  • Assign to Myself
  • Submit Editor's Decision > Accept
  • Submission moves to My Assignments with Decision
  • Initiate Production to send for publication without LfPs or copy editing
  • On publication the withdrawn status will show on the Cochrane Library