Initiate Discussion

Initiate Discussion on the manuscript Action Menu allows Managing Editors to begin a conversation with other editors regarding a submission.

There are built-in Discussion topic templates in Editorial Manager related to:

  • Expressions of Interest
  • Review Proposal Forms
  • Methods Support Unit referral pre-submission
  • Methods Support Unit referral post-submission

Use the Master topic template to start a discussion on any topic.

Discussions can be a useful way of asking other editors to review collated peer review comments. See Ask another Editor to review collated comments: Discussion.

Select participants and set viewing permissions

  • Search for editor(s) under Editor Candidates and Select the participants you want to join the discussion 
  • Select whether participants can View Reviews and Comments, Download Files (source and companion), and View Draft Decision Letter 
  • Proceed to Customize Letters
  • The email sent will contain a link to log in and view the discussion
  • Managing Editors will receive an email notification when there is a response

Send reminders to participants 

Use the Send Email function on the discussion screen to remind editors to contribute. 

  • Send Email
  • Choose letter Discussion Invitation
  • The email will contain a link for the participant to access the discussion directly
  • Customise Letter as needed to add a reminder and/or further information
  • Preview and SendSend Email 

Conclude Discussion

When you have received the feedback you need, you can Conclude Discussion from the discussion screen. 

Discussions with Methods Support Unit

Open a Discussion in Editorial Manager to ask for Methods Support Unit input on a review. Two Discussion templates are available:

  • Methods Support Unit referral pre-submission for Proposals (please note that the Initiate Discussion link is visible on the Details screen for Proposals)
  • Methods Support Unit referral post-submission for Submissions

Customise the Methods Support Discussion templates as you wish.

Search for participant Rachel Richardson rrichardson@cochrane.org

You can also use the search Editor Role | Is | Methods Support

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Rachel Richardson has the Editor Role Associate Editor on this site.