From 1 September 2023 all new draft submissions should be transferred directly to the Central Editorial Service. Please continue the editorial process for revised submissions only. If you have any queries about the best action to take for a particular submission, please contact Cochrane Support. 

Initiate Discussion

Initiate Discussion on the manuscript Action Menu allows Managing Editors to begin a conversation with other editors regarding a submission.

There are built-in Discussion topic templates in Editorial Manager related to:

  • Expressions of Interest
  • Review Proposal Forms
  • Methods Support Unit referral pre-submission
  • Methods Support Unit referral post-submission

Use the Master topic template to start a discussion on any topic.

Discussions can be a useful way of asking other editors to review collated peer review comments. See Ask another Editor to review collated comments: Discussion.

Select participants and set viewing permissions

  • Search for editor(s) under Editor Candidates and Select the participants you want to join the discussion 
  • To invite multiple participants to a discussion, use a search criterion that covers all participants - e.g. People Flag Name.
  • Select whether participants can View Reviews and Comments, Download Files (source and companion), and View Draft Decision Letter 
  • Proceed to Customize Letters
  • The email sent will contain a link to log in and view the discussion
  • Managing Editors will receive an email notification when there is a response

Send reminders to participants 

Use the Send Email function on the discussion screen to remind editors to contribute. 

  • Send Email
  • Choose letter Discussion Invitation
  • The email will contain a link for the participant to access the discussion directly
  • Customise Letter as needed to add a reminder and/or further information
  • Preview and SendSend Email 

Conclude Discussion

When you have received the feedback you need, you can Conclude Discussion from the discussion screen. 

Discussions with Methods Support Unit

Open a Discussion in Editorial Manager to ask for Methods Support Unit input on a review. Two Discussion templates are available:

  • Methods Support Unit referral pre-submission for Proposals (please note that the Initiate Discussion link is visible on the Details screen for Proposals)
  • Methods Support Unit referral post-submission for Submissions

Customise the Methods Support Discussion templates as you wish.

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