Gaining access to press releases in advance

Press releases are circulated via the Cochrane Communications Network and to translators as they become available. Where possible, you will be able to receive a copy of the press release before it is released to the media, in order to give you sufficient time to translate it. It is imperative that you respect the embargo; it must not be circulated or shared with anyone outside a Cochrane group before the embargo ends.

Adding contact details to your translated press releases 

You can add the email address of a local representative who feels confident about responding to media enquiries if you like. If you prefer, or if no local representative is available, you can put the main press office email address ( – but be sure to specify that emails to this address should be written in English.

Web link and citation 

Don’t forget to include a link to the abstract and/or plain language summary (in your language or in English) on or the Cochrane Library at the end of the press release, and add the full citation.

Publishing and dissemination

When your press release has been translated, you should upload it to your website so that you have a link to share on social media, in newsletters, and on any other channels you use to disseminate a particular press release. Some tips on targeted dissemination are available in a different guide under the 'Media and Dissemination' heading. 

Let us know

Please let Muriah Umoquit ( know about your translated press release so that we can help disseminate it through our Communications Network, social media, and add the hyperlink to the English press release.


If you have questions about translating press releases, please get in touch with