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COPD exacerbation management

The COS-AECOPD @EuroRespSoc Task Force is developing a core outcome set (COS) for #COPD exacerbation management. 

coreASTHMA project

5 outcomes for use in phase 3 and phase 4 clinical drug trials in moderate-to-severe asthma
severe asthma exacerbation
change in asthma control
asthma-specific or severe asthma-specific quality of life
asthma-specific hospital stay (i.e. >24 hour stays at any level of care) or admission
asthma-specific emergency department visit

Kidney & Transplant

Cochrane Kidney & Transplant is using core outcomes developed by the SONG initiative based at the Centre for Kidney Research.

Since 2017 Cochrane Kidney & Transplant has adopted the standardised core outcomes for HD & Tx into their protocols and reviews. 

SONG initiative

Outcome setsOutcomes
Haemodialysis (SONG-HD)
  • fatigue
  • cardiovascular disease
  • vascular access
  • mortality
Transplantation (SONG-Tx)
  • graft health
  • cardiovascular disease
  • cancer
  • infection
  • life participation
  • mortality
Peritoneal dialysis (SONG-PD)
  • PD infection
  • cardiovascular disease
  • mortality
  • life participation
  • technique survival
Children and adolescents (SONG-Kids)
  • life participation
  • survival
  • kidney function
  • infection

Polycystic kidney disease (SONG-PKD)

  • kidney function
  • morality
  • cyst pain
  • cardiovascular disease

SONG Handbook

See page 16 for the core outcomes and other tiered outcomes.



Cochrane Skin partners with Cochrane COUSIN, who are co-ordinating the work of developing a whole variety of core outcome sets on dermatology disease areas.

One area that is very well developed COS eczema, developed at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology where Cochrane Skin are based. 

4 core outcome domains

Outcome domainsValidated instruments
  • Clinician-reported signs
  • Patient-reported symptoms
  • Quality of Life
In progress
  • Long-term control
In progress