This page is for Cochrane group staff in preparation for the retirement of Archie. Visit the  Future Cochrane website to find out more about the new RevMan portfolio and project management features, and the retirement of Archie. Contact if you have any questions.

Before Archie is retired, users should take the opportunity to download any Review Notes that they may require.

A .ZIP folder containing all notes and attachments to which the user has read access can be downloaded from Archie

The folder will be organised into subfolders. There will be one subfolder per review note. 

The folder will also contain a spreadsheet named 'overview.xls', which details:

  • Properties of each note
  • Properties of any note attachments
  • The name of the subfolder in which the note and its attachments can be found

All users downloading archives of Review Notes that contain personal data should take care to comply with applicable data protection laws.

Steps to complete

  1. Go to Resources > Tools > Download review notes archive
  2. Find the ZIP file that is downloaded, and unzip it (instructions for unzipping ZIP files on Windows and Mac)
  3. Open the file 'overview.xls' and use your favourite spreadsheet tool to identify the IDs of the Review Notes in which you are interested
  4. Open the subfolders that are named with the IDs to get access to the notes and attachments

If you encounter any issues please contact so that you get the data you need, before Archie is retired