Not all roles grant access to review version search. If you need access, please contact

Review version search is an Advanced Search for specific published review versions. It allows specification of detailed search criteria relating to the content of the searched document versions.

The main differences between Review Version Search and Document search are listed in the following table:

Document search for reviews

Review version search

Type of result

Review documents

Individual published versions

Possible results per review


More than one

Age of searchable information

Only current version

Historical and current

You can search for review versions using the following search fields:

  • Versions Published between
  • Versions First Published between
  • Review Title
  • Version Title
  • Group
  • Group Type
  • Contributing Group
  • Review Type
  • Stage
  • Status
    - Publication Flags -
  • New
  • Amended
  • Updated
  • New or Updated
  • Concl. Changed/Major Change
  • Updated and Changed
  • Stable
  • New Citation

- Miscellaneous -

  • DOI (CD Number)
  • RevMan ID
  • Review No
  • Created
  • Checked in by
  • Assessed as Up-to-date
  • Date Searched
  • Date Scheduled
  • Date Delivered
  • Date Published
  • Protocol First Published
  • Review First Published
  • Version Description
  • File Size (bytes)
  • Licence Type
  • Has Updating Classification
  • Updating Classification
  • Updating Classification Explanation
    - Relative to Selection -
  • Selected Review Versions - restrict search to review version selection set.
  • Previous Published Version -  based on review version selection set.
  • Last Published Version -  based on review version selection set.
  • Versions for Selected Reviews - based on review selection set.