A CRG can use stars to mark reviews with a special status. The starred status of a review is shared for all users. Each CRG can decide their own rules for using stars. For example, a CRG could agree to use different star colours to differentiate between different priorities.

The stars are shown in the Reviews folder, on the review properties and can also be used for filtering in your task list, searches and reports.
Starring reviews requires the High permission level for reviews, but the starred status is visible to everybody.  

To star a review

  1. Go to the General tab of the review's Properties.
  2. Click the star icon.
  3. If you wish to change the colour, click the star again until you find the desired colour.
  4. Click Apply.

Tip:  Use Advanced Search for documents to find starred reviews in your CRG: Group Is [Your Group] AND Is Starred Is Yes.

        To find reviews marked with a particular star colour use: Star Colour Is [colour].