New reviews can be either blank or based on a template protocol file stored in Archie. Protocol templates provide authors with a review that is pre-filled with instructions or default text.

Contact Cochrane Support

Please email if you would like the team to add a new template file to your group's list of protocols in Archie. This will ensure the template will be used to create every new intervention review registered via Editorial Manager.

If you already have an existing protocol template in Archie then go to step 5 below to update the template content when needed.

Update a review template (all users)

  1. Open the protocol in RevMan Web (intervention review template) or RevMan 5 (DTA review template) and edit your template as needed
  2. Submit to Archie
  3. The updated template will now be used to create any new protocols accepted in Editorial Manager after this point

Create a template file (Cochrane Support team only)

  1. In Archie, create a registered title
  2. If you are creating a template for use in the Editorial Manager title registration process, please use naming convention Template for X, where X is the review type (listed below). For instance, your intervention template would be named Template for Intervention review.
    1. Intervention review
    2. Diagnostic test accuracy review
    3. Methodology review
    4. Overview of reviews
    5. Prognosis review
    6. Qualitative review
    7. Rapid review
    8. Prototype review
  3. Add members of the editorial team as Contact Person and Authors
  4. You can choose a blank RevMan file to create the template - this will be populated with the standard protocol headings only. You can also choose an existing protocol file, or the protocol template for an Intervention review developed by the Methods Support Unit or the protocol template for Diagnostic Test Accuracy reviews .
  5. Open the protocol in RevMan Web or RevMan 5 and edit your template
    1. If working in RevMan 5 check-in the file
  6. Submit for Editorial Approval in RevMan Web (file sent automatically to Archie)
  7. The template will now be used for new reviews registered in Editorial Manager.