Review Files folder

Each review has a folder (with potential sub-folders) where files related to the review can be stored. Permission to see and access folders and sub-folders can be controlled by Document roles as well as Group roles. For instance, it is possible to have a folder that is accessible to the Co-ordinating Editor and Editors but not to authors on a particular review.
The Review Files folder is accessed by expanding the parent folder for a review, e.g. 'Full Reviews', in the Resource folder tree view by clicking on the + icon (instead of just clicking the folder name). This will show the reviews as folders in the tree view. You can then further expand the folder for a review to see the Review Files folder.
See About files for more information on working with folders and files.

Workflows and Workflow Files folders

Two additional folders are shown under each review: Workflows and Workflows Files. These folders are functionally very similar to the corresponding sections on the Workflows tab of a Review Properties screen.