The stage of a review (Title, Protocol, or Full Review) can be set both in RevMan and in Archie (on the General tab of the review's Properties). Note that even though the stage may be changed in the RevMan file (for example, from Protocol to Review), such a change will be reflected in Archie only after the new file is checked in for editorial approval, i.e., only when the Write Phase changes from Authoring to Editorial (see 'Review and version phases', above). This means, for example, that if you check the first draft of a Full Review in to Archie as a draft in the Authoring Write Phase, the title of that draft Review will still appear in the Protocols section of the Resources folder view.

To change the review's stage within Archie

  1. Open the review properties sheet and go to the General tab.
  2. Choose an appropriate review stage from the pull-down list in the Stage option.
  3. Click Apply and then OK to confirm changing.