Inactive reviews

Full Reviews, and since September 2014 also Protocols, cannot be given the status Inactive, but your Group may have one or more reviews listed as Inactive in the Reviews folder of the Resources tree view. These are reviews that have previously been published but no longer are. They are kept in Archie to provide an accurate representation of your Groups' publication history.

Next Stage Expected

The Next Stage Expected attribute, on the Advanced tab of a review's Properties, is no longer being published. It is primarily relevant for protocols, and for use in internal tracking. You can also set it for titles or full reviews, but you do not have to. This attribute is not integrated with the workflow system.

Tip: The Next Stage Expected field can be used in Advanced Searches for reviews.

First Published issues

The issues Protocol First Published and Review First Published fields are automatically recorded by Archie. It is possible to edit them, but you should only do so if you find an incorrectly assigned value for a review that pre-dates Archie.


Archie allows you to retrieve PROSPERO IDs for those reviews which are registered within National Institute for Health Research (NIHS). Once the number is retrieved, it will be stored with the Cochrane Review record upon publication of the Cochrane Review.

To retrieve the PROSPERO identifier

  1. From the review Properties, choose Advanced.
  2. Click Retrieve. If the review was registered within NIHS, the PROSPERO ID appears in the PROSPERO ID option.

See the Editorial Guidance Resource for more information.