You can quickly access resources (people, documents or workflows) by adding them to Favourites or through the list of recently accessed resources. Your saved searches are automatically shown in Favourites  

Resources that have been recently accessed are automatically added to the recently accessed resources list (it shows only the last 10 accessed resources). As this list is dynamic, any resource that you want to have a permanent quick access to should be added to your Favourites list.

To access recently accessed resources

  1. Use File > Recent.
  2. Choose your resource from the submenu. The Properties of the resource opens.

To add a resource to your Favourites

  1. Right-click the resource and choose Add to Favourites.

To access your Favourites

  1. From the Resources tab choose Favourites from the menu bar.
  2. Choose the resource category and then the resource.

Tip Your Favourites are also listed in a folder at the top of the Resources tree. This only includes resources, not searches.    

To remove a resource from Favourites

  1. From Resources tab choose Favourites from menu bar
  2. Choose Remove a Favourite ... The Remove Favourite window opens.
  3. Choose the relevant resource type tab and tick the check box of the favourites you wish to remove.
  4. Click Remove Selected.