Since Archie is used around the globe, it has been designed to show times and events in the users' local time zone.       

Event time zones

Events in Archie's Calendar are described by their start and end time and the time zone in which those times are taking place. But when a user views the Calendar the events are shown adjusted for the user's local time zone.
Note that Archie will also adjust for Daylight Saving Time (DST) when it applies for a time zone, but the name of the time zone will always stay the same (including  the numerical adjustment: "GMT +01:00"). Time zones that never use DST are shown with  "(DST not used)" at the end.      

Example (with DST):

The launch of Archie 4.0 was set to be at 12:00 in the "(GMT +01:00) Copenhagen" time zone on  3 June 2013. Because Copenhagen is using DST on that date, that correspond to GMT 10:00.
The UK is at GMT +0, but has DST in June, so a user in the UK, this will appear in the Calendar as 11:00.
Melbourne is at GMT+10 and does not have DST in June, so in Melbourne the event will appear as 20:00.

Customizing date display  

You can specify how dates are displayed, and see a default time zone for new events you create. See Preferences