Move to AWS [RevMan Web and ReviewDB]

Owner: Gert van Valkenhoef

What business value does this roadmap item create? / Which problem is this roadmap item trying to solve?

Improve the sustainability of our technical architecture by reducing the amount of time spent on operations (e.g. maintaining Jenkins, Nexus, database clusters, servers, etc.)

How can the value delivered be measured?

Reduced workload for system administrators.

Quicker response time on setting up new services and applications.

Which assumptions are made in relation to the value?

The benefits of AWS (more managed services, first class container support) outweigh the additional burdens (tigher security model) and cost of migrating.

What are the dependencies for fulfilling the business value?

Applications deployed on Docker.

What are the risks related to this roadmap item?

Service disruption (downtime).

Prolonged period of a "split environment" (amazon and rackspace both in service) causing overhead - this is an effort across multiple teams and is moving forward in other areas already (Q2 2020).

What is included in the scope of this solution?

RMW-966 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RMW-1203 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RMW-1204 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RMW-1205 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RMW-1206 - Getting issue details... STATUS

How much time do we estimate to implement this roadmap item?

This is a guesstimate made by the Review Production Team based on known information about the roadmap item and the capacity of the team at the time of estimation (June 2020).

M = 1-2 sprints = between 2-4 weeks. The scope will be more clear when other applications have been migrated.