Enable more reviews to use study-centric data

Owner: EMD, Unknown User (kkew) 

What business value does this roadmap item create? / Which problem is this roadmap item trying to solve?

Reviews have started using RevMan Web to enable study-centric data so far. Study-centric data has potential to move some authors from RevMan 5 to RevMan Web but the real drivers are the features that study-centric data enables.

  • A wider adoption of study-centric data;
  • The feature can be turned on for all reviews rather than manually;
  • Reduce errors made by authors using a calculator;
  • Increased transparency of which transformations of result data are made. 

Potential value:
Data is structured in a way that makes it easier to import and export data from/to other tools; Structured data can be used to create better tables faster;
Concept of arms contributes to implementation of NMA;

How can the value delivered be measured?

Number of reviews that have added study-centric analyses. Feedback from authors who used the feature. 

Which assumptions are made in relation to the value?

Using study-centric data is valuable before the potential values are fulfilled.

What are the dependencies for fulfilling the business value?

EMD and editors need to gradually change policy to favour use of study-centric data.

What are the risks related to this roadmap item?

  • It's unclear what proportion of analyses we will be able to support.
    It's unclear if the feature will be used before potential values are fulfilled.
    It's unclear when Covidence is ready for a data extraction integration.

What is included in the scope of this solution?

How much time do we estimate to implement this roadmap item?

This is a guesstimate made by the Review Production Team based on known information about the roadmap item and the capacity of the team at the time of estimation (June 2020).
Medium: 1-2 sprints = 2-4 weeks, well defined and scalable scope.