How to work with the text

1. Navigate to the section of text you want to write or edit

The text of your review is divided into sections (Abstract, Plain language summary, Background, Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion, Authors' conclusions). Most sections consist of several pre-defined headings and subheadings, which cannot be edited or deleted. To begin writing or editing the text, click on the box under the heading/subheading.

All changes you make in your review are automatically saved, so there’s no need to save or back up your work. Note, however, that text edits are saved only after you come out of the text field or click on another heading.

2. Write text

RevMan Web uses the same word-processing style as other familiar software programs, including a standard toolbar for formatting.

3. Add a link to a study or reference in the text

Highlight the text you want link to, click on the ‘Insert link’ icon. This allows you to select the type of study or reference, e.g. included, excluded, ongoing, etc. Use 'Other reference' for additional references. Use the 'Insert link' icon to add links to other parts of the review (tables, figures, appendices, etc.).

7. Use 'Track Changes'

The 'Track Changes' tool is available when editing text in RevMan Web, not only in the 'Text' section of your review, but also in other sections where text can be entered (e.g. in 'Characteristics of included studies' or in 'Tables'). To use Track Changes, navigate to the text field you want to edit, click on the first Track changes icon on the formatting toolbar and new text will appear in green text. Click on the second Track Changes icon to show or hide the tracked changes. The remaining icons in this section of the formatting toolbar allow you to accept or reject all, or some of the changes.

'Track Changes' tool works globally, i.e. once you've enabled it, you can move from one text field to another and the changes will still be tracked. Note, however, that 'Accept all' and 'Reject all' functions work only within a single text field, so you can't accept or reject all changes in the review with one click on the button.

  • Please note that if you track changes in the Abstract of your review, the total word count shown will reflect all text, including deleted sections. Accept tracked changes in the Abstract to see the final word count. 

8. Use 'Checking spelling' feature

When you open your review in either the full text or the default view, the spell check (spell check as you type (SCAYT)), is automatically enabled. Click on the ABC icon to disable this tool. Click on 'Options' to select the types of words that spell check will ignore. Click on 'Languages' to select the language to be used for checking spelling.