How to work with a 'Summary of findings' table linked with GRADEpro GDT


Adding a ‘Summary of findings’ table linked with GRADEpro GDT will break the compatibility between RevMan Web and RevMan 5.

  • When a review in RevMan Web has a Summary of Findings table available in GRADEPro, you can no longer check the review out into RevMan 5. 
  • It may therefore be advisable to wait for a specific point in the editorial process before enabling the integration (e.g. until after studies have been imported from Covidence).

Cochrane authors who wish to enable this integration should consult with and get approval from their Cochrane Review Group. The Review Group Managing Editor can then request that the integration be enabled on a review by review basis. Managing Editors should email to enable the integration for a review. 

1. Check if the integration with GRADEpro GDT is enabled

On the RevMan Web dashboard, there is a line showing whether the integration with GRADEpro GDT is enabled. Clicking on the blue ‘i’ icon will open a message alerting you that enabling the GRADEpro integration with break RevMan 5 compatibility. You are advised to contact your managing editor to enable the integration.

The same icon and the message will appear if you try to create a ‘Summary of findings’ table using GRADEpro GDT.

When the integration with GRADEpro GDT is enabled for your review, you can add a ‘Summary of findings’ table created in GRADEpro GDT. To do that, you need to have a GRADEpro GDT account and link it to your Cochrane Account.

3. Add a table using GRADEpro GDT

When your GRADEpro GDT and Cochrane accounts are linked, open your review and in Tables>Summary of findings section click on the ‘Add a table’ button and select ‘Using GRADEpro GDT’.

4. Select analysis group

Select analysis group, then ‘Import’.

Note that importing from RevMan Web to GRADEpro is the only way to create a linked ‘Summary of findings’ table. It is not possible to first create a table in GRADEpro GDT and then link it with RevMan Web.

5. View and edit the table

A table with the ‘GRADEpro GDT’ label is listed among your ‘Summary of findings’ tables. To edit the table, click on the ‘Edit’ icon and the table will open in GRADEpro GDT. Any edits in GRADEpro GDT will be automatically updated in RevMan Web.

6. Delete the table

If you want to delete the table, you need to do it in GRADEpro GDT. If you try deleting the table in RevMan Web (by clicking on the dustbin icon), you will get the message to delete the table in GRADEpro GDT and then refresh the ‘Summary of findings’ tables page in RevMan Web.