How to create and edit a table

1. Create a new table

There are two types of tables in the 'Tables' section: 'Summary of findings' tables and 'Additional' tables. For both of these types, you can edit an existing table or create a new table by clicking the 'Add Table' button, which then prompts you to define the number of rows and columns and select where you want the header text (bolded) to appear – in rows, columns, neither or both.

‘Summary of findings’ tables can be imported directly from GRADEpro GDT software – note that this breaks the compatibility between RevMan Web and RevMan 5.


2. Edit a table

To edit an existing table, click on the arrow icon to reveal the table, then click on 'Edit Table' button. 

Any edits in the ‘Summary of findings’ tables linked with GRADEpro GDT are done in the GRADEpro GDT software, rather than in RevMan Web.

To move a table to another tables section (e.g. to move a Summary of Findings table to Additional tables), use cut and paste:

  • go in to the table you want to move, and use Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C to copy all the table contents
  • add a new table of the type you need (any amount or rows/columns) and paste the table using Ctrl + V
  • delete the unwanted table