Characteristics of studies tables

Edit Characteristics of studies

Certain study characteristics are 'Core items' in RevMan Web and must be completed for each study. To add additional study characteristics, open the category of studies (e.g. Included) and select 'Edit characteristics definitions setup' from the 'Action' menu.

Footnotes in Characteristics of studies tables

Footnotes (e.g. for codes or abbreviations) in Characteristics of studies tables can be added in either Full Text or Default view.

In Full Text view, select Characteristics of studies on the left-hand side menu. In each Characteristics of studies table (Included, Excluded, Ongoing, Awaiting Classification) there is a 'Footnotes (shared)' text field for every study, where you can add your footnotes. The footnotes will appear below every study in the table.

In Default view, select to edit an individual study and add footnotes for abbreviations. The footnotes will appear below every study of the same type, e.g. an abbreviation footnote added to an excluded study, will appear below every study in the Characteristics of Excluded studies table. 

All shared footnotes will appear together at the end of the list of studies in the published review. 

Removing restriction for study characteristics in full text view (if more than 100 studies)

If the review has more than 100 studies, you can improve performance of the full text view by hiding the 'Characteristics of studies' section in full text view.

Click on 'Full text' view, click on 'Characteristics of studies'. A pop up will appear confirming to either:

  • Hide study characterstics - click on 'OK continue'.
  • Keep showing study characteristics (which may slow down performance in 'Full text' view) - click on 'Cancel'.

If you wish to switch the option, refresh the page and you will receive the notification again when going to 'Characteristics of studies'.