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Share a version online

Share the latest version

Check the phase and permissions will allow the person to view. If the person should have access, share a link to the review dashboard. This link will take the user straight to the review.

Users will view a non-editable version if they have 'Read only' permissions. If the person has 'Write' permissions, they can edit the review. You can ask these users to use tracked changes or to add a note to the text; or to provide comments on a external document such as an editorial checklist.


Share a previous or compared version

You can share a link to a specific version or a comparison of two versions. Check the phase and permissions will allow the person to view. Copy the URL from the viewing window and share the link as a quick alternative to a pdf.

In a compared version, all changes are visible in red and green. See Compare versions.

Share a link

Share a link not a PDF!

PDFs are large attachments to emails and take several clicks to generate and save. Why not share a link to a review or specific version instead? See instructions above. Notes and tracked changes are fully visible when shared using a link. You can share a compared version too.

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Share a PDF of a tagged, submitted or compared version

See View a version and Compare versions. Open the version or comparison in the viewing window. Right-click to view your browser's print menu. Select Print > Save as PDF.